60 Cool Coffee Station Ideas for Your Home

60 cool coffee station ideas for your home 00026

Take a peek at any furniture showroom, and you’ll see a world of coffee tables. You’ll find, black, light wood, dark wood, plastic, glass, and even marble tables. But if you want a really coffee table, few things beat home-grown ingenuity.

Anything from old factory wire spools, to ornate driftwood and glass arrangements can be a table that friends envy. Throw a nice coat of varnish on that giant wire spool to create a glossy table. There have even been Ouija board tables. Careful how you move that coaster!

One can even create their own tables from layers of corrugated cardboard box! By gluing layer after layer of corrugated cardboard until an acceptable height for your table is reached. Then merely carve around on the cardboard cube until a desired abstract shape is achieved. The sky’s the limit.

A flat screen TV and an old CPU can be converted with new housing and a clear topped case can be made into the next table doubling as a gaming station. If that’s too technical for you, there are touchscreen table tops, soon to be on the market.

If none of the above is to your liking, the Internet offers a massive variety of unique coffee tables. There are thousands of possibilities offered, many very abstract and sure to start conversations. Well, most are still usable. Some remain merely a curiosity and not a load bearing structure.

So many shapes and sizes are available. These are from a plastic model, molded to look like stone to a colored glass design that looks like its straight out of Avatar. There are designs to suit almost any taste, even tastes that would include a robot alien cat coffee table.

So many unique ideas to choose from even the least handy can get an awesome table. If you’re willing to spend the loot you can even have the latest touch screen features embedded into your table. A tablet-like touch screen isn’t your idea of a fun table? Then maybe the recycled car engine is for you.

Almost anything can be converted, carved, shaped, molded, or outright chiseled into a unique coffee table. An old air conditioner unit to a giant sawmills saw blade. If you have the drive and the desire to create a cool coffee table the Internet is your best bet for information.

Find IRC chat rooms, maker forums, and do it yourself tutorials. The Internet abounds with these fantastic resources. Get advice from a master craftsman. Exchange ideas with “newbies” like yourself. You’ll find a whole world of possibilities.


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